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Publication Details

TitleAt scene in depth rural accident study
AuthorsHinrichs RW
TypeConference Paper
AbstractRural road accidents account for more than half of South Australia's road deaths and it appears that the proportion is increasing. We know from existing mass data that rural crashes are different in many ways to metropolitan crashes. They tend to involve more accidents where cars run off the road and hit fixed objects (usually trees) and commonly involved roll over. In the metropolitan area accidents appear to be more rear collision or right angle accidents and in the country accidents tend to be more severe. Little research has been done on the real causes of rural road accidents. At the moment a national study of aspects of rural road accidents is under way. As part of this study the National Health and Medical Road Accident Research Unit has been commissioned to undertake an indepth study into a sample of SA rural road crashes.
PublisherRoad Accident Research Unit
Publisher CityAdelaide
SponsorDepartment of Transport (SA), Road Safety Division
Conference NameNational Road Safety Researchers Conference
Conference AbbreviationRSR
Conference LocationAdelaide, Australia
Conference Date28 November 1986
Page Count2

Hinrichs RW (1987). At scene in depth rural accident study. National Road Safety Researchers Conference, Adelaide, Australia, 28 November 1986.

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