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TitleMotorcycle accidents in Nottinghamshire
AuthorsWoodward AJ
TypeJournal Article
AbstractThis study draws on the motorcycle accident statistics routinely collected in Nottinghamshire, in order to describe the epidemiology of these accidents, and to identify areas in which the routine data might be improved. It was found that fatal motorcycle accidents in the county typically involve young men from Social Classes I11 M, IV and V, and occur in urban areas late at night. Alcohol is frequently involved and survival following the a crash is usually brief. The statistics which are published routinely relate only to those accidents which are reported to the police, and there is marked under-recording of non-fatal accidents. The Coroners Reports provide a rich source of information about accident fatalities, but the reports are not produced in a standard form and shed no light on deaths which might have been prevented by better medical treatment. Routine linkage of the police and hospital records of road accident casualties should be the top priority in the campaign for better accident statistics. Record linkage could also be usefully extended to include data from insurance claims.
Journal TitleJournal of Public Health
Journal Volume (Issue)97
Page Range139-148
Page Count10
NotesThis issue is open to the public;

Woodward AJ (1983). Motorcycle accidents in Nottinghamshire. Journal of Public Health, 97, 139-148.