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TitlePatterns in the incidence and consequences of pedestrian accidents
AuthorsAnderson RWG, McLean AJ, Ponte G, Lindsay VL, Wundersitz LN
TypeConference Paper
AbstractThis paper presents data on factors related to the causes and consequences of collisions between pedestrians and motor vehicles. It is based on two in-depth studies of pedestrian accidents in Adelaide Australia police reports of road accidents in South Australia and Coroner's reports on fatal cases. This paper describes the characteristics of the road environment vehicles and the pedestrians in the cases. Further observations are made regarding the injuries sustained by the pedestrians in the collisions. A regression model was developed which describes the approximate probability of sustaining a serious injury (or worse) at a given impact speed. The model shows that newer cars are more likely to cause head injury whereas newer cars are less likely to cause serious lower extremity injury. The probability of sustaining a severe head injury in a pedestrian accident involving a car built in 1990 is one in two at 50 km/h compared to I in 4 for a car built in 1980. Possible limitations of the analysis are discussed.
Conference NameRoad Safety Research, Policing and Education Conference
Conference AbbreviationRSR
Conference LocationPerth, Australia
Conference Date14-16 November 2004
Journal Volume (Issue)1
Page Count10

Anderson RWG, McLean AJ, Ponte G, Lindsay VL, Wundersitz LN (2004). Patterns in the incidence and consequences of pedestrian accidents. Road Safety Research, Policing and Education Conference, Perth, Australia, 14-16 November 2004.

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