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TitleInternational comparison of blood alcohol levels with general driving population
AuthorsMcLean AJ
AbstractThank you Professor Schofield, ladies and gentlemen. What I will be reporting on today is a study of the extent of drink driving in the general driving population in countries relevant to the meeting here today. I would like to say initially that this derives from a suggestion by Professor Alex Richman a couple of years ago that a comparative study be undertaken. This was taken up by Professor Love11 and, at Halifax last year you may recall, a paper was read on my behalf in which I proposed the study having several stages, the first of which was a comparison of the extent of drink driving in the general driving population, that is among drivers who are not involved in accidents or who haven't come to the attention of the police by virtue of their driver behaviour and it is that stage that I will be reporting on this morning. The second stage, a comparison of the extent of the drink-driving in the accident-involved driving population, are data that we are far more familiar with, followed by a comparison of the extent to which drink-driving increases the probability of accident involvement and, finally, an attempt to relate cross-national differences in these three comparisons to differences in countermeasures such as drink-driving legislation and its enforcement. These four stages we have, in our Unit in Adelaide, covered for the Adelaide scene in a report published in 1980 "Alcohol and Crashes". I would be happy, if anyone would like to look through the report later or have me send them a copy. From the experience gained in that work, we are using that as a basis for our approach, certainly in the current activity. I would like to point out that I will not be talking specifically about young people, but rather about the whole driving population a t this stage, and I would also like to acknowledge the assistance of a research assistant in our Unit, Oksana Holubowycz, who has done much of the work on this project, including visits in Canada and the United States.
PublisherRoad Accident Research Unit
Publisher CityAdelaide
Conference NameInternational Brewers meeting
Conference LocationSydney, Australia
Conference Date7 OCtober, 1983
Page Count6
Notesavailable from CASR library on request

McLean AJ (1983). International comparison of blood alcohol levels with general driving population. International Brewers meeting.