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Publication Details

TitleRoad Accident Information Seminar
AuthorsMcLean AJ
TypeConference Paper
AbstractThe general aims of the project in Adelaide are - and these are almost so trite I hesitate to repeat them - to study the safety of road users in that - area, to identify factors detrimental to safety and to evaluate the effectiveness of existing counter-measures such as the Vehicle Design Rules and to recommend relevant additions and changes to these counter-measures and, of course, the areas to be studied will include the read users. We propose to accomplish these aims by collecting data at the scene of accidents to which an ambulance is called. This obviously restricts the range of cases we would expect to get and some of the reasons for this are discussed in the paper. These data are to be supplemented by the result of follow-up investigation of aspects of the environment, i. e. in simple terms, going back to the scene in large part and of the vehicles and the treatment of any injuries sustained by the participants will be recorded and an attempt will be made to also determine certain psychological characteristics of users who are involved in the events leading up to each accident and where practical, corresponding data on a control group of road users will be obtained. Now all of these points are treated in greater detail on the paper and I would urge you to refer to them for those issues that are of particular interest to you.
PublisherTraffic Accident Unit, University of Adelaide
Publisher CityAdelaide
Conference NameRoad Accident Information Seminar
Conference LocationCanberra, Australia
Conference Date26-28 March 1974
Page Count7
Notesavailable from CASR library on request

McLean AJ (1974). Road Accident Information Seminar. Road Accident Information Seminar, Canberra, Australia, 26-28 March 1974.

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