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TitleEvaluation of the pre licence training program for motorcyclists in South Australia
AuthorsKloeden CN, Moore VM, McLean AJ
AbstractA pre-licence training program for motorcyclists (Ridersafe) was introduced in South Ausrralia on 13 April 1987 in an attempt to reduce the frequency of motorcycle crashes. Around this time, a system was set up to collect data to enable the effectiveness of the training program to be evaluated. Examination of the data could not show any effect of Ridersafe on safety, either positive or negative. Further, the practical and scientific problems involved in collecting enough data to make a reasonable assessment of the effectiveness of Ridersafe would seem to preclude any conclusions from being drawn from available data in South Australia. The literature review found that there is little that can confidently be said about the influence of motorcycle rider training programs on crashes, based on the studies reported to date. That training is capable of producing an increase in accidents has not been properly demonstrated by any study. From consideration of the very small number of studies that are of a good standard, training may either have no effect on accident rates or it may produce a decrease. This may be primarily through deterring individuals from becoming licensed.
Report Number5/94
PublisherOffice of Road Safety, SA Department of Transport
SponsorSA Department of Road Transport - Office of Road Safety
Page Count37

Kloeden CN, Moore VM, McLean AJ (1994). Evaluation of the pre licence training program for motorcyclists in South Australia (5/94). Office of Road Safety, SA Department of Transport.

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