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Publication Details

TitleSpecial Libraries
AuthorsSamagalski A
TypeConference Paper
AbstractSpecial libraries, as the name implies, are libraries devoted to a single or narrow range of subjects. They usually support a research institute, a government department, private company or some other organisation with a specific purpose or area of interest. That amounts to some 1200 Special Libraries throughout Australia. They range from large government libraries such as the Department of Transport and Communications in Canberra, to the highly specialised Special Libraries - which go to show that if you want to know about something there's likely to be a library devoted to it. These include the libraries of the Cave Exploration Group of South Australia, the Cement and Concrete Association of Australia, the Arid Zone Research Institute Library, the State Zionist Council of New South Wales ... and so the list goes on. What I'd like to do in this talk is give you some idea of: 1. What Special Libraries exist 2. What their collections contain 3. What sort of services they provide 4. How people in country areas of South Australia can make some use of them.
PublisherRoad Accident Research Unit
Publisher CityAdelaide
Conference NameCountry Librarian's Conference
Conference LocationWhyalla, Australia
Conference Date13 August 1993
Page Count9
NotesAvailable from CASR library on request

Samagalski A (1993). Special Libraries. Country Librarian's Conference, Whyalla, Australia, 13 August 1993.