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TitleNeck strain in car occupants: the influence of crash related factors on initial severity
AuthorsRyan GA, Taylor GW, Moore VM, Dolinis J
TypeJournal Article
AbstractObjective: To examine the relationship between the initial severity of neck strain in car occupants and crash-related factors, in particular, crash severity. Design/participants: Thirty-two individuals with neck strain after a car crash, drawn from physiotherapy and general practices in metropolitan Adelaide, were interviewed about their experience and examined by a manipulative physiotherapist. Crash severity was assessed by measurement of damage to the involved vehicles. Main outcome measures: Five measures of neck strain severity were obtained: number of body regions with symptoms, number of positive responses to palpation, cervical range of motion, subject's own rating on an analogue pain scale, and examiner's severity rating. Two measures of crash severity were used: maximum residual deformation, and velocity change of the subject's vehicle. Results: Neck strain was observed in individuals who were involved in crashes of low severity. Maximum residual deformation of the vehicle was negatively associated with the subject's cervical range of motion and positively associated with the other measures of neck strain severity. For rear impacts, both measures of crash.
Journal TitleMedical Journal of Australia
Journal Volume (Issue)159(Nov15)
Page Range651-656
Page Count6
NotesAvailable from CASR library on request

Ryan GA, Taylor GW, Moore VM, Dolinis J (1993). Neck strain in car occupants: the influence of crash related factors on initial severity. Medical Journal of Australia, 159(Nov15), 651-656.