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Publication Details

TitleBlood alcohol concentrations of pedestrians admitted to hospital
AuthorsHolubowycz OT, McLean AJ, Kloeden CN
TypeConference Paper
AbstractThe risks associated with drinking and driving are not only well documented but also publicly acknowledged. In contrast, alcohol involvement among pedestrians involved in crashes has attracted less attention. Some of the studies that have been done (Blomberg and Fell, 1979; Irwin, Patterson and Rutherford, 1983; Struik and Gerson, 1988) indicate a high level of alcohol use among pedestrians. The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between alcohol involvement, age and sex among pedestrian casualties. During a continuous 22-month period, 232 pedestrians over 14 years of age were admitted to the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH), the major trauma hospital in South Australia. Legislation requiring persons in this age range to provide a blood sample for alcohol analysis if their injuries were thought to have been sustained in a road crash resulted in BACs being obtained in 213 of these cases (91.8%).
PublisherVerlag TUV Rheinland GmbH
Publisher CityCologne
Conference Name12th International Conference on Alcohol, Drugs and Traffic Safety
Conference AbbreviationICADTS -T92
Conference LocationCologne, Germany
Conference Date28 September - 2 October 1992
Journal Volume (Issue)2
Page Range977-980 (vol 2)
Page Count4
NotesAvailable from CASR library on request

Holubowycz OT, McLean AJ, Kloeden CN (1993). Blood alcohol concentrations of pedestrians admitted to hospital. 12th International Conference on Alcohol, Drugs and Traffic Safety, (pp. 977-980 (vol 2)). Cologne: Verlag TUV Rheinland GmbH.