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TitleLong-term monitoring of cyclist passing distances in the ACT
AuthorsMackenzie JRR, Ponte G
AbstractThis project involved the development of hardware, systems, and processes required for the long-term monitoring of cyclist-vehicle passing distances in the ACT, along with the facility to display collected data publicly in an interactive visual format. Building upon a previous study conducted in 2018, a new and more capable passing distance data collection device was developed. The device utilised infrared distance sensors which were able to collect data at 50 Hz. A project website was developed to provide information and help recruit volunteer participants. A data upload and processing facility was also integrated into the website, along with a data aggregation system which was used to produce a public interactive map showing mean passing distances across the ACT. In total there were 58 volunteer cyclists who participated in the study over the period Feb 2023 to Feb 2024. Collectively, these cyclists collected data across 2,120 journeys, totalling 19,325 kilometres of travel, and recorded 35,202 passing events. Rudimentary analysis of the data found that the mean passing distance on roads with a speed limit of 60 km/h or less was 185 cm and the proportion of unlawful passes (below 100 cm) was 3.8%. On roads zoned greater than 60 km/h the mean passing distance was 197 cm and the proportion of unlawful passes (below 150 cm) was 8.2%. These values were found to vary depending on characteristics such as cyclist gender and road category. Maps that highlighted locations where mean passing distance was low or the proportion of unlawful passes was high were also produced. While the coverage of the network in these maps is sparse, long- term data collection is now possible and would result in greater detail and further insights over time.
Report NumberCASR233
PublisherCentre for Automotive Safety Research
Publisher CityAdelaide
SponsorThis project was made possible with assistance from the ACT Government under the ACT Road Safety Fund Community Grant Program.
Page Count49
NotesThis report is freely available online

Mackenzie JRR, Ponte G (2024). Long-term monitoring of cyclist passing distances in the ACT (CASR233). Adelaide: Centre for Automotive Safety Research.