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TitleSurvey of cyclist travel and crash experiences in the Australian Capital Territory
AuthorsThompson JP, Ponte G
AbstractCycling is a popular means of transportation with immense benefits to both individuals (e.g., health) and society (e.g., environmental). The proportion of the population who cycle increased in all states and territories of Australia between 2001 and 2010, with the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) having the highest proportion of cyclists. However, safety issues such as less than optimal infrastructure, near-misses, collisions with vehicles, and severe injury outcomes, could be holding back further increases in participation. This project investigated the daily travel and safety of cyclists in the ACT. Three hundred and twenty-one cyclists completed a survey about their travel, crashes, injuries, and perceived safety on the ACT road network. Participants were a broad cross-section of cyclists in age, gender, and home residence across the ACT. They regularly rode (81% rode 2 to 3 days per week or more) resulting in high average distances (average of 82 kilometres per week). Almost two-thirds (60%) identified as confident riders. Overall, 80% thought that Canberra is a safe place to ride. However, there were safety issues that they encountered on the ACT road system. They did not feel comfortable riding on many common road situations in the ACT, they reported a large number (272 locations) of infrastructure issues with the road network that affect cyclists, half (53%) had been involved in a crash, and two-thirds (68%) had experienced a near miss. These are likely to be substantial cycling barriers to less experienced cyclists, as well as individuals considering taking up cycling. Cycling-focussed infrastructure and facilities should be provided to encourage cycling and improve safety. It is hoped that the perspectives of the cyclists surveyed for this project can contribute to creating a safer environment for cyclists in the ACT.
Report NumberCASR230
PublisherCentre for Automotive Safety Research
Publisher CityAdelaide
SponsorThis research was funded via a grant from the Australian Capital Territory Road Safety Fund
ISBN978 1 925971 63 7
Page Count108
NotesThis report is freely available online

Thompson JP, Ponte G (2024). Survey of cyclist travel and crash experiences in the Australian Capital Territory (CASR230). Adelaide: Centre for Automotive Safety Research.