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TitleAn assessment of ACT road infrastructure for compatibility with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
AuthorsMackenzie JRR, Van Den Berg AL, Ponte G
AbstractTo explore the compatibility of the ACT road network with modern vehicle ADAS, an instrumented vehicle was driven throughout the Territory to collect data over a period of five days. Feedback from the consultation of ACT road infrastructure stakeholders was used to assist in the selection of roads for data collection, which included all main highways as well as significant proportions of the urban and rural arterial network. The instrumented vehicle was fitted with a Mobileye dev-kit and Video Vbox HD2 system which provided the capability to collect details about what a commercial-grade ADAS is able to “see” while travelling through the road network. There were 759,772 points of data collected over 1,349 km of roadway during the study along with the detection of 1,963 speed limit signs. This dataset was then analysed to investigate what details regarding line markings and speed limit signs the Mobileye was able to detect. These analyses were also augmented with additional data obtained from the Open Street Map road network. Based on the analyses, high-resolution maps were generated that show ADAS is likely to have a good compatibility with the ACT road network in general. Geographic datasets were also generated as an output, providing an opportunity for further analyses.
Report NumberCASR221
PublisherCentre for Automotive Safety Research
Publisher CityAdelaide
SponsorThis research was funded via the ACT Road Safety Fund
Page Count31

Mackenzie JRR, Van Den Berg AL, Ponte G (2024). An assessment of ACT road infrastructure for compatibility with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (CASR221). Adelaide: Centre for Automotive Safety Research.

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