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Publication Details

Title'If a client asks about evidence-based practice, what does it mean for you?
AuthorsMeier AJ
TypeConference Paper
AbstractThe evidence-based movement continues to spread across sectors - from health to areas such as education, criminology and transport. This means that information professionals serving in an increasing number of sectors need to be aware of not only the growing importance of the concept but the practicalities involved in providing information on interventions evaluated with higher methodological standards. Every more so given that in some sectors clients may increasingly be requesting information on methodologies, the actual subject of the experiment being of secondary importance. Information professionals areas such as health are well aware of the importance of randomisation and control groups in indexing and retrieval but this is not likely to be the case for many other sectors. The issue of evidence-based information retrieval in selected sectors has been examined in the literature, including for librarianship. These few papers have highlighted the problems of database indexing and locating older material of high methodological standard. They are also a few years old and these problems not only still exist but continue to grow. Material continues to be catalogued by information professionals unaware of that the methodology of the intervention may be as important as the subject of the study itself. Urgent action to promote awareness of evidence-based concepts, and their importance regardless of one's place in the information profession is required. This paper reinforces these issues with reference to the transport and transport safety sector.
Conference NameInternational Evidence-based Librarianship Conference
Conference Abbreviationebl2005
Conference LocationBrisbane, Australia
Conference Date16 - 19 October 2005

Meier AJ (2005). 'If a client asks about evidence-based practice, what does it mean for you?. International Evidence-based Librarianship Conference, Brisbane, Australia, 16 - 19 October 2005.