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TitleMotorcycle Rider Perceptual Countermeasures
AuthorsMongiardini M, Stokes CS, Tan T, Baldock MRJ
AbstractA trial was conducted to evaluate whether a suitable road-based perceptual countermeasure (PCM) could influence the travelling speed as well as lane position of motorcyclists to induce a safe curve negotiation. The motorcyclist PCM selected for the trial was a modified version of a peripheral transverse line marking with incrementally wider painted blocks through the curve apex. The PCM was trialled at two curves characterised by either high or low curvature along a popular route amongst motorcyclists with a known crash history. Two additional curves on the same route were used as control locations. Only the travel lane with right-hand curvature was treated and evaluated since the PCM design specifically aims to reduce intentional centreline crossing due to cutting through the curve chord. At each site, travel speed was measured at the curve apex and motorcycle lane position at both the entry and the apex of the curve.

A larger proportion of motorcyclists tended to position further away from the centreline compared to before the treatment. Motorcycle travel speed at the apex of both treated curves tended to decrease. Moderate reduction in travel speed at the apex of the treated curves was also observed for light and heavy vehicles. The trialled PCM design has high potential to enhance motorcyclist safety at critical curves along regional and rural routes and is compatible with various pillars of the safe system approach to road safety. Nonetheless, additional research is required to confirm the long-term effects observed in this trial as well as to investigate potential additional benefits or side effects. High-friction paint or thermoplastic film is suggested for future implementations.

Report NumberAP-R688-23
Publisher CitySydney
Page Count158
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Mongiardini M, Stokes CS, Tan T, Baldock MRJ (2023). Motorcycle Rider Perceptual Countermeasures (AP-R688-23). Sydney: Austroads.