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Publication Details

TitleMotorcycle Protective Clothing in the ACT
AuthorsBaldock MRJ, Thompson JP
AbstractThis study involved an investigation of the use of protective clothing by motorcyclists in the ACT, encompassing both commuting (n=33) and recreational (n=45) riders. Rider knowledge about MotoCAP, the star rating scheme for protective clothing that operates in Australia and New Zealand, was also examined. Rates of wearing of protective clothing among ACT motorcyclists was found to be high, especially for jackets and gloves. Gains could still be made through the promotion of the importance of wearing protective motorcycle pants, especially garments fitted with armour. Only a minority of riders were aware of MotoCAP and only a small proportion had ever visited the website. The high importance placed by riders on physical protection when riding suggests that there is a big market for the resources provided by MotoCAP and expanding publication of star ratings beyond the website may assist with reaching them, something which MotoCAP is currently pursuing.
SponsorThis research was funded through the 2021 ACT Road Safety Community Grants Program.
Conference Name2023 Australasian Road Safety Conference
Conference AbbreviationARSC23
Conference LocationCairns, Australia
Conference Date19-21 September
NotesMatthew presented this in session 25 Wednesday Sep 20th

CASR published a report in 2022 with the same title, it is available to download

Baldock MRJ, Thompson JP (2023). Motorcycle Protective Clothing in the ACT. 2023 Australasian Road Safety Conference, Cairns, Australia, 19-21 September. [PRESENTED ABSTRACT]