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TitleIdentifying best practices in a process evaluation of a novice driver education program
AuthorsBailey TJ, Wundersitz LN, O'Donnell K, Rasch A
TypeJournal Article

- 18 Best practices were identified for a process evaluation of a driver education program.

- Practices were predominantly based on the Goals for Driver Education (GDE) matrix.

- Novice drivers and instructors may differ in their valuing of some GDE goals.

- Instructors should explore value differences with how & why questions of drivers.


Best practice for learning to drive programs should be evidence-based and incorporate the range of lower and higher-order skills outlined in the internationally recognized Goals for Driver Education (GDE) matrix. A set of practices derived from the matrix, together with pertinent adult learning approaches and driving instruction research formed the basis of an evaluation checklist developed to review the Keys2drive program (a national single-session interactive education program for learner drivers in Australia). The checklist criteria consisted of 18 practices, including: having a sound theoretical base; reflecting various GDE components; facilitating parental involvement; provision of feedback; building resilience; use of coaching approaches; commentary driving; self-assessment; understanding of risk factors; and supporting safe vehicle choices and graduated licensing schemes. The program review sought to determine the extent to which Keys2drive is aligned with best practice according to the checklist criteria. Evaluations of driver education programs should recognize that novice drivers, in discussions with their instructors/supervisors, may have differing interpretations and values concerning various GDE goals, such as their awareness of critical risk factors. As a best practice, instructors should be prepared to ask the novice 'How?' and 'Why?' questions relevant to their GDE goal interpretations and values.

Journal TitleEvaluation and Program Planning
Journal Volume (Issue)93
Page Range102105
NotesAvailable to download freely until July 16 2022

Bailey TJ, Wundersitz LN, O'Donnell K, Rasch A (2022). Identifying best practices in a process evaluation of a novice driver education program. Evaluation and Program Planning, 93, 102105.