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Publication Details

TitleProfiling head-on crashes using mass data and in-depth crash investigations
AuthorsDoecke SD, Elsegood ME
TypeConference Paper
AbstractThe aim of this paper was to provide a profile of head-on crashes in South Australia. Two complementary data sources were used: mass data, and data from in-depth crash investigations. The mass data showed head-on crashes are different to other crashes, in their severity, the characteristics of the locations where they occur, and the types of vehicles they involve. The in-depth crash investigations revealed that there were two distinct modes of head-on crashes; drift off path, and loss of control. Most involved a frontal impact, but some involved side impacts, or a side swipe. The majority of frontal impacts had a low overlap. The main contributing factors were a medical condition, fatigue, drugs, and speed. To prevent head-on crashes, uptake of lane keep assist could be encouraged, and wide medians or centre barriers installed wherever possible. The introduction of low overlap crash tests should be considered.
Conference Name2022 Australasian Road Safety Conference
Conference AbbreviationARSC22
Conference LocationChristchurch, New Zealand
Conference Date28-30 September 2022

Doecke SD, Elsegood ME (2022). Profiling head-on crashes using mass data and in-depth crash investigations. 2022 Australasian Road Safety Conference, Christchurch, New Zealand, 28-30 September 2022.