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Publication Details

TitleA review and comparison of light vehicle brake testing methods
AuthorsMackenzie JRR, Van Den Berg AL, Elsegood ME
TypeConference Paper
AbstractBrake testing machines provide a rapid method of investigating the performance of a vehicles brakes and assessing whether they meet roadworthiness criteria. However, it is important to have confidence in the results they provide. This study presents an investigation of the ability of four brake testing methods to detect mechanical or hydraulic faults on light vehicles. A test vehicle was professionally fitted with equipment to enable the control and measurement of the brake pressure applied to individual wheels. A brake pedal robot that could supply a repeatable and consistent brake application force was also installed. Data was collected during a series of tests in which brake fault conditions in the test vehicle were simulated. For each condition the vehicle was tested three times with a plate brake tester, a roller brake tester, a portable decelerometer, and during a high-speed stopping distance test. Results were compared to minimum brake performance criteria.
Conference Name2022 Australasian Road Safety Conference
Conference AbbreviationARSC22
Conference LocationChristchurch, New Zealand
Conference Date28-30 September 2022

Mackenzie JRR, Van Den Berg AL, Elsegood ME (2022). A review and comparison of light vehicle brake testing methods. 2022 Australasian Road Safety Conference, Christchurch, New Zealand, 28-30 September 2022.