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Publication Details

TitlePrevention and Mitigation of Fatal Crashes in Regional/Remote Areas
AuthorsWundersitz LN, Edwards SA, Thompson JP
TypeConference Paper
AbstractRoad users in regional/remote areas have a higher risk of death and serious injuries than those in metropolitan areas. This study used a Safe Systems based approach to investigate the potential of different interventions to prevent fatal crashes or mitigate injury severity in regional/remote areas. The findings showed that, while road user behaviour is a large contributor to fatal crashes in regional/remote areas, it is road and vehicle based countermeasures that provide the greatest potential to prevent these crashes and mitigate related injuries. Investment in safe roadside infrastructure, particularly to protect road users in road departure crashes, and the use of policies and incentives to accelerate the uptake of newer vehicles with safe vehicle technologies are most promising. These interventions should be coupled with effective enforcement strategies to deter unsafe driver behaviours; speed management to match the quality of the road and infrastructure; and measures to ensure restraint use compliance.
Conference Name2022 Australasian Road Safety Conference
Conference AbbreviationARSC22
Conference LocationChristchurch, New Zealand
Conference Date28-30 September 2022

Wundersitz LN, Edwards SA, Thompson JP (2022). Prevention and Mitigation of Fatal Crashes in Regional/Remote Areas. 2022 Australasian Road Safety Conference, Christchurch, New Zealand, 28-30 September 2022.