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Publication Details

TitleHow do we prevent and mitigate crashes? Evidence from Australian at-scene in-depth crash investigations
AuthorsDoecke SD, Thompson JP, Stokes CS
TypeJournal Article
AbstractThe Centre for Automotive Safety Research conducts at-scene in-depth investigations of South Australian injury crashes that allow detailed analysis of the crash in order to determine the factors that contributed to the crash occurring, and the interventions that could prevent or mitigate them. This initial analysis of such a dataset (n=116) showed that the most common contributing factors are human errors, but the interventions to prevent or mitigate the crashes are most commonly infrastructure treatments or vehicle technologies that eliminate the human error and/or reduce the vehicle’s speed prior to impact in the event of a human error. It also found that most crashes can be prevented or mitigated. Key factors in meeting the goals of the safe system (zero deaths and serious injuries) were found to be: road infrastructure-based interventions at intersections (e.g. roundabouts); increased fleet penetration of the vehicle technologies Electronic Stability Control, Autonomous Emergency Braking, Emergency Braking Assist, Lane Keep Assist, Intelligent Speed Assist – Limiting; road interventions for errant vehicles that depart their lane or the road (e.g.median barriers); speed limit reductions; and a reduction in driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.
Journal TitleJournal of Road Safety
Journal Volume (Issue)31(2)
Page Range35-43
NotesFreely available online

Doecke SD, Thompson JP, Stokes CS (2020). How do we prevent and mitigate crashes? Evidence from Australian at-scene in-depth crash investigations. Journal of Road Safety, 31(2), 35-43.