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Publication Details

TitleAnalysis of a Causal Model of Crash Test Pulses
AuthorsGockowiak KLK, Anderson RWG, Hutchinson TP
TypeConference Paper
AbstractCrash testing in which a vehicle strikes a rigid barrier is common. However, published tests are usually limited to those performed for consumer programs or regulatory requirements, and crash performance at test velocities may not predict crash performance at other velocities. A differential equation model of vehicle behaviour can overcome some deficiencies of limited testing. This study examines the theoretical basis for a differential equation model of vehicle crash response. It describes the crash test data used to assess the validity of the differential equation, the criteria for selection of the data, and the simple results obtained when the differential equation model was applied to the data. Results are interpreted in terms of the theory, and implications and limitations of this interpretation are discussed. Conclusions are drawn, though these are tentative because the small sample size gave inconclusive results, and future work related to the study is suggested.
Conference Name2017 Australasian Road Safety Conference
Conference AbbreviationARSC 17
Conference LocationPerth, Australia
Conference Date10-12 October 2017
Page Count13
NotesAvailable on ACRS website

Gockowiak KLK, Anderson RWG, Hutchinson TP (2017). Analysis of a Causal Model of Crash Test Pulses. 2017 Australasian Road Safety Conference, Perth, Australia, 10-12 October 2017.