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TitleOptions for mitigating filter right turn crashes at signalised intersections based on video footage of crashes
AuthorsStokes CS, Woolley JE
AbstractSignalised intersections represent locations along the road network where traffic managers exert the greatest control on road users. However, crashes do occur at signalised intersections and because of the combination of high speeds and right angle crash configurations, they are likely to cause harm to those involved. Filter right turns present substantial danger to road users due to the complexity of decision making, risk of severe outcomes and the lack of control being placed over road user movements. The main aim of this research is to use footage of filter right turn crashes at signalised intersections to identify and analyse crash mechanisms associated with these crashes, and to develop recommendations that can lessen or eliminate the risk of filter right turn crashes should full right turn control not be able to be employed. A number of recommendations are made and include fully controlling right turns or where filter turns are allowed, reducing through vehicle speeds and control right turns at off-peak times when volumes do not warrant filter turns. It is also recommended that this study be revisited on a frequent basis and that further research be undertaken to better understand specific issues of dynamic visual obstruction and driversí abilities to judge speed and distance at night.
Report NumberCASR152
PublisherCentre for Automotive Safety Research
Publisher CityAdelaide
SponsorThis research was funded via a deed with the South Australian Government
Page Count22

Stokes CS, Woolley JE (2022). Options for mitigating filter right turn crashes at signalised intersections based on video footage of crashes (CASR152). Adelaide: Centre for Automotive Safety Research.

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CASR152.pdfPDF of final report