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Publication Details

TitleInjury risk and delta-V - insights from event data recorder information and reported injury outcomes
AuthorsPonte G, Elsegood ME, Doecke SD
AbstractThis study examined event data recorder (EDR) information downloaded from 316 vehicles involved in crashes in South Australia from 2017 to 2019 matched to police crash reports and hospital records. The EDR vehicles contained 421 occupants and, while 70% of EDR vehicle occupants sustained no injuries, 7% percent had minor injuries, 21% of occupants were treated at hospital and 2% of occupants were admitted to hospital. Higher injury severity outcomes occurred in head-on collisions, rollovers and single vehicle collisions with fixed objects. Delta-V was a good predictor of injury, and for all crash types, an occupant in a crashed vehicle experiencing a total delta-V of 40 km/h had an injury risk of 60%, more than double the injury risk for a crash with a total delta-V of 20 km/h. In side-impact collisions, injury risk was much higher; a lateral delta-V of 40 km/h corresponded to an 87% injury risk.
Conference Name2021 Australasian Road Safety Conference
Conference AbbreviationARSC21
Conference LocationMelbourne, Australia
Conference Date28-30 September 2021
Page Range236-238
NotesAvailable online via ARSC website

Ponte G, Elsegood ME, Doecke SD (2021). Injury risk and delta-V - insights from event data recorder information and reported injury outcomes. 2021 Australasian Road Safety Conference, Melbourne, Australia, 28-30 September 2021. [PRESENTED ABSTRACT]