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TitleDetermination of boundary conditions for pedestrian collision reconstructions
AuthorsAnderson RWG, Long AD, Serre T, Masson C
TypeConference Paper
AbstractThe purpose of this paper is to evaluate methods of defining vehicle impact stiffness in MADYMO simulations of pedestrian collisions. Two multibody models of a pedestrian were used to reconstruct, via simulation with MADYMO, an experimental pedestrian collision between a Renault Scenic and a Post Mortem Human Subject (PMHS). Subsystem impact tests were used to measure the impact stiffness of structures on the vehicle that struck the lower extremities of the pedestrian. The results of the subsystem tests were used to define contact-impact characteristics for the bumper, leading edge and lower bonnet that correctly account for damping effects. These were implemented in the simulation models of the PMHS test. These simulations were compared to alternative simulations that used other stiffness definitions, including stiffness values from the literature. The effects of the stiffness definitions on head kinematics and contact forces are discussed. Correct stiffness and energy behaviour in the model of the bumper, leading edge and bonnet led to higher estimates of head impact speed than models that used high linear elastic stiffness characteristics selected from the literature.
Conference NameiCrash 2008 International Crashworthiness Conference
Conference AbbreviationiCrash
Conference LocationKyoto, Japan
Conference Date22-25 July 2008

Anderson RWG, Long AD, Serre T, Masson C (2008). Determination of boundary conditions for pedestrian collision reconstructions. iCrash 2008 International Crashworthiness Conference, Kyoto, Japan, 22-25 July 2008.