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TitleAn examination of offences at South Australian safety camera sites
AuthorsKloeden CN, Hutchinson TP
AbstractFixed safety cameras that detect speeding (and in some cases red light running) are known to be a generally effective method of controlling driver behaviour and producing road safety benefits. They were first introduced in South Australia in 1988 and are now in operation at more than 150 locations around the State. Data on the speeding and red light running offences recorded at each of the sites are now publicly available. If the number of offences declines over time, this is an indication that the safety cameras are becoming increasingly effective in preventing speeding or red light running behaviour. The offence rates of the five types of safety cameras in use in South Australia were examined on a site by site basis. Safety cameras located in South Australian 50-90 km/h speed limit zones in built-up areas showed a similar overall trend in offence rates: speeding offence rates decreased rapidly during the first two to three years of operation; continued declines in speeding offence rates occurred for many years after that; and red light running offences showed general declines over time but not as consistently or to the same extent as speeding offences. Making the cameras more conspicuous from the time of installation may accelerate their positive effects. Safety cameras may also prevent vehicle speeding on high speed rural roads upon installation (this could not be measured here) but there appears to be little change in offence rates after this time. This is possibly due to the more conspicuous nature of these cameras. The tolerances applied to point to point average speed measurements appear to be the same as applied to spot speed measurements and could reasonably be reduced.
Report NumberCASR146
PublisherCentre for Automotive Safety Research
Publisher CityAdelaide
SponsorDepartment of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
Page Count44

Kloeden CN, Hutchinson TP (2019). An examination of offences at South Australian safety camera sites (CASR146). Adelaide: Centre for Automotive Safety Research.

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