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TitleCompliance and Enforcement in Road Safety and Work Health and Safety: A Comparison
AuthorsBailey TJ, Woolley JE, Raftery SJ
TypeJournal Article
AbstractPreviously in road safety and work health and safety (WHS), compliance and enforcement focussed on individual responsibility, but now both fields are moving towards system-wide, integrated approaches. Other commonalties include referring to incidents rather than accidents and preferring proactive responses to reactive ones. In both fields there is a tendency to normalise levels of risk and their approaches to risk control share many similarities. A literature review and workplace interviews helped compare compliance and enforcement approaches in WHS and road safety with reference to a hierarchical model of such approaches commonly used in WHS. Comparisons were made for: the use of rewards and incentives; inspection and auditing programs; making full use of violation data; looking beyond traditional regulatory solutions to compliance and enforcement; and the applicability of the model in both fields. These comparisons may assist in determining if current WHS policies and practices to compliance and enforcement are appropriately balanced.
Journal TitleJournal of Health, Safety and Environment
Journal Volume (Issue)31(2)

Bailey TJ, Woolley JE, Raftery SJ (2015). Compliance and Enforcement in Road Safety and Work Health and Safety: A Comparison. Journal of Health, Safety and Environment, 31(2).