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TitleHead and neck injury in road accidents
AuthorsBarker JM
TypeConference Paper
AbstractHead and spinal inuries are more often due to road traffic accidents than any other cause. The incidence of serious head injury is less for motorcyclists who wear helmets, than for other categories for road user. Serious closed head injury typically involves damage to blood vessels of the brain, the primary mechanisms being motion between brain and skull, and brain tissue shear; this frequently is associated with prolonged unconsciousness and coma. The development of better safety technologies requires more research. Early admission to specialised care, and comprehensive data collection facilitate treatment and assessment of injury. THe consequences of head impacts vary according to direction and magnitude of the impact force as well as the site of impact. Facial injury is reduced by the issue of full-face motorcycle helmets and seat-belts. Continual revision of standards for vehicle users' helmets has improved effectiveness but more extensive anthropometric data are required for further improvement. Pathological assessment of damage to vascular and neural tissues and correlation of the results with accident reconstruction data has improved definition of injury mechanisms. Injuries to children show age specific peculiarities and there is need for research on subsequent educational strategies to be used. Injuries to the spinal cord constitute a major cost to the community and are affected by type of safety belt used. Simulation of movements in accidents, by mathematical modelling, is being developed as research tool.
PublisherRoad Accident Research Unit
Publisher CityAdelaide
SponsorNational Health and Medical Research Council of Australia
Conference NameHead and Neck Injury in Road Accidents Symposium
Conference LocationAdelaide, Australia
Conference Date10-11 December 1985
Page Count152
Notesavailable from CASR library on request

Barker JM (1988). Head and neck injury in road accidents. Head and Neck Injury in Road Accidents Symposium, Adelaide, Australia, 10-11 December 1985.

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