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Publication Details

TitleVehicle safety
AuthorsMcLean AJ
TypeConference Paper
AbstractThe role of the vehicle in road safety is reviewed with particular reference to the wide range of levels of motorisation in Asian countries. The relative safety of vehicles by type and by characteristics of vehicle within type is discussed, noting that one category of vehicle, the motorcycle, does not appear to be as hazardous in the Asian setting as it is in many Western highly motorised counties. Public service vehicles assume a more significant role in road safety in Asian, both in terms of injuries to the occupants and to other road users, notably pedestrians.

The passenger car accounts for a comparatively small proportion of all road vehicles in most Asian countries but it can be expected to become increasingly important in terms of the overall level of safety of the road transport system. This increase in the availability of passenger cars will take place in economic settings which may not be conducive to the adoption of recognised safety features but which are more likely to emphasis economies relating to fuel consumption, such as small cars, and the domestic production of obsolescent models from other countries.

Selected examples from the topics noted in the preceding paragraphs will be discussed with particular reference to the possible role of international cooperation through bodies such as OECD.

Conference NameConference on Asian road safety 1993
Conference LocationKuala Lumpur
Conference Date25-28 October 1993

McLean AJ (1993). Vehicle safety. Conference on Asian road safety 1993, Kuala Lumpur, 25-28 October 1993.