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TitlePost impact trajectory of vehicles at rural intersections
AuthorsDoecke SD, Mackenzie JRR, Woolley JE
AbstractThis report describes the path of vehicles following a collision with another vehicle at a rural intersection. Detailed information from in-depth investigations of 70 intersection crashes was analysed. Rear end crashes at intersections were excluded as were collisions involving a motorcycle. The vehicle which had right of way most commonly had an impact speed of between 80 and 99 km/h and the impact point was on the front of the vehicle. The vehicle which was required to give way most commonly had an impact speed of between zero and 20 km/h and was struck between the front of the vehicle and the B-pillar. After the vehicle to vehicle impact half the vehicles travelled more than 18 metres, 20% more than 34 metres and 10% more than 50 metres from the centre of the intersection. The most common direction of the vehicle following the initial impact was found to be between 15 and 29.9 degrees, where the original direction of travel of the through vehicle is at zero degrees. Intersection geometry, speed zone, impact point and mass ratio influence the nature of the post impact trajectory of the vehicles involved. As the results show a high number of vehicles travel a large distance at a shallow angle following an intersection collision, extending crash barriers on the through road (the road with right of way) right up to the intersection may have some benefit. Clear zones surrounding the intersection are also advisable and have an added benefit of increasing sight distance. Hazards can be assessed for removal or relocation by applying the results of this study.
Report NumberCASR086
PublisherCentre for Automotive Safety Research
Publisher CityAdelaide
SponsorDepartment of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
ISBN978 1 921645 23 5
Page Count23

Doecke SD, Mackenzie JRR, Woolley JE (2013). Post impact trajectory of vehicles at rural intersections (CASR086). Adelaide: Centre for Automotive Safety Research.

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