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TitleFrom the Institutes: NHMRC Road Accident Research Unit
AuthorsRyan GA
TypeJournal Article
AbstractRoad accident research at the University of Adelaide had its beginnings in the early 1960s when the then Traffic Accident Research U nit of the Department of Pathology performed the first at-scene investigation of a sample of injury producing crashes in Australia [1]. In 1973 a multi disciplinary research Unit was established within the University of Ad~laide with Dr. AJ McLean as Director. Support came from contracts and research grants from government sources. In 1980 the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) called for submissions from interested persons to establish a road accident research unit to investigate the medical aspects of road accidents. The Unit was successful in its submission and in 1981 the NHMRC Road Accident Research Unit was established in the University of Adelaide. The Unit conducts independent research utilizing a multi-disciplinary team comprising medical officers, behavioural scientists, engineers and research support staff. The bulk of the Unit's

funding comes from the NHMRC, although the Unit attracts financial support to undertake specific projects for federal and state transport departments, insurance companies and other organizations. During 1988 the Unit was designated a World Health Organization Collaborating Centre in the Prevention and Control of Road Traffic Accidents. Since its inception the Unit has undergone two external reviews and has been commended for its original approach to studying traffic accidents. The Unit now focuses on two broad issues, namely head injury and the involvement of alcohol in crashes. It is situated in the Medical School building, which lies in an attractive setting between the University and the Royal Adelaide Hospital, close to the centre of the city.

Journal TitleJournal of Traffic Medicine
Journal Volume (Issue)19(1)
Page Range33-37
Page Count6
NotesAvailable from CASR library on request

Ryan GA (1991). From the Institutes: NHMRC Road Accident Research Unit. Journal of Traffic Medicine, 19(1), 33-37.