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Publication Details

TitleDeath on the roads: the influence of vehicle design
AuthorsMcLean AJ
TypeJournal Article
AbstractWe have heard much this morning about statistics relating to road accidents. The foremost group in the field of these statistical analysis of injuries resulting from road accidents is Automotive Crash Injury Research of Cornell University. This body developed from the initiative of one Hugh de Haven. De Haven was started on this line of investigation in his youth, when he was involved in a mid-air collision between two light aircraft. He survived, but the other pilot was killed. Now I am not trying to update a Clive of India legend, but de Haven did ask himself why he had not been killed; so he set to and studied injuries resulting from other air crashes, and also from cases of free fall. From such cases de Haven collected data on what happens to the human body when it is hit by, or hits, something; or, as we now say, he began to study the response of the human body to impact. Crash injury research began to get off the ground. His work developed into Aviation Crash Injury Research, and then, when it was realized that many of the injuries resulting from car accidents were similar to those found in air crashes, Aviation Crash Injury Research gave birth to Automotive Crash Injury Research of Cornell University. The same curious phenomenon that puzzled de Haven, of some people hurting themselves when others are uninjured in similar accidents, is found in car crashes.
Journal TitleThe medical journal of Australia
Journal Volume (Issue)2(4)
Page Range168-172
Notesavailable from CASR library on request

McLean AJ (1966). Death on the roads: the influence of vehicle design. The medical journal of Australia, 2(4), 168-172.