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TitleSecond report of the traffic accident research unit: some findings in the first 200 accidents
AuthorsRobertson JS, Ryan GA, McLean AJ
AbstractThe original proposal for this research was submitted to the Australian Road Research Board on 27th April, 1962. Its objec,t was defined as follows': "To gather data in Australian' conditiOns basic t() the design of Roads, traffic organisation and vehicles, by the objective study of the medical and engineering aspects of injury-producing accidents. In the present absence of information much design is by rule of thumb, or by the application of overseas data which may not be appropriate in this countrylr. To produce such data we planned to make a statistically valid sample of injury-producing accidents, and to correlate the nature of the injuries with the circumstances of the accident. From this sample valid inferences can be drawn about the whole population of injury producing accidents. Thus the work was essentially statistical. in plan, so that no apology is necessary for the considerable amount of numerical data included in this report. Further, we believe that this is as it should be for a study of this type; and that some other similar studies reported in the literature would have gained considerably in value had more attention, been paid to making the sample as unbiassed as possible, and to getting the maximum yield of information through the use of modern analytical methods.
PublisherTraffic Accident Research Unit
Publisher CityAdelaide
SponsorAustralian Road Research Board
Page Count67
Notesavailable from CASR library on request

Robertson JS, Ryan GA, McLean AJ (1964). Second report of the traffic accident research unit: some findings in the first 200 accidents. Adelaide: Traffic Accident Research Unit.