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TitlePedestrian Impact Testing: Modelling the Effect of Head-form Mass and Speed
AuthorsSearson DJ, Anderson RWG
TypeConference Paper
AbstractPedestrian impact testing is used to assess the relative level of protection from a vehicle to a pedestrian in the event of a collision. Testing is conducted as part of new car assessment programs (Euro NCAP, ANCAP), and for compliance with regulations in Europe and Japan. A key component of pedestrian impact testing is the head-form test, in which a dummy head-form is fired into the front of the vehicle in free flight, at specific locations typically on the bonnet or windscreen. The acceleration of the head-form is measured and is used to assess the relative level of protection at that location through calculation of the Head Injury Criterion (HIC). Alternative protocols specify different test head-form masses and speeds. This paper presents a model of the acceleration response of the head-form in any given test condition. Given a test with a known result, the model can be used to estimate the outcome of a test on the same structure using a different head-form mass and/or speed. The model is a non-linear damped Hertz model of contact. Validation data showed that the model estimates the HIC to within 10% of that obtained from test results. Simulation of a series of generic impact scenarios was conducted under the conditions of the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) and the draft Global Technical Regulation (GTR) on pedestrian protection, which stipulates a different head-form mass and speed. The results indicate a large discrepancy exists between performance in an ANCAP test and performance under the GTR, such that a structure that would pass the GTR may be rated very poorly under the ANCAP test.
PublisherDepartment of Transport, Energy and Infrastructure
Publisher CityAdelaide
Conference Name2008 Australasian Road Safety Research, Policing and Education Conference
Conference AbbreviationRSR
Conference LocationAdelaide, Australia
Conference Date9-12 November 2008
Page Range23-32
Page Count10

Searson DJ, Anderson RWG (2008). Pedestrian Impact Testing: Modelling the Effect of Head-form Mass and Speed. 2008 Australasian Road Safety Research, Policing and Education Conference, (pp. 23-32). Adelaide: Department of Transport, Energy and Infrastructure.

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