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TitleAn effective tool for advanced traveller's information systems development
AuthorsZhang K, Woolley JE, Stazic B
TypeConference Paper
AbstractThe increased availability of real time traffic information and onboard navigation systems (Iguchi 2002; Miles and Walker 2006) is dramatically changing the characteristics of individual vehicle in urban traffic stream. Individual drivers are increasingly capable of making well informed route choice during the journey in attempts to minimize their travel costs. This trend indicates a great potential of using traffic information as a powerful mean to complement traffic signal control in order to improve the efficiency and safety of our urban traffic networks. Individual travellerís dynamic responses to real time traffic information will eventually determine the effectiveness and feasibility of the advanced travellerís information systems (ATIS). However, such responses can not be properly investigated without a true ATIS environment. This paper presents a tool for ATIS development and testing in a simulated urban traffic environment, which aims to reduce the dependency on real ATIS infrastructure at the initial stage of its development. This tool is built on our recently completed Adelaide city council area microscopic traffic simulation model (ACC model) which represents a typical central business district (CBD) traffic environment (Stazic et al. 2005).
Conference NameState of Australian Cities conference
Conference LocationAdelaide, Australia
Conference Date28-30 November 2007
Page Count10

Zhang K, Woolley JE, Stazic B (2007). An effective tool for advanced traveller's information systems development. State of Australian Cities conference, Adelaide, Australia, 28-30 November 2007.