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TitleExperience with acute subdural haematomas in New South Wales
AuthorsSimpson DA, Stening WA, Berry G, Dan NG, Kwok B, Mandryk JA, Ring IT, Sewell MF
TypeJournal Article
AbstractA retrospective survey of head injuries in NSW in 1977 and 1978 was conducted by the Trauma Subcommittee of the Neurosurgical Society of Australasia. Two hundred and ninety patients, who were found to have acute or subacute subdural haematomas, were considered. The mortality rate was 76%, with 19% making a satisfactory recovery. Several factors were found to produce significant improvement in outcome. The availability of neurosurgical facilities at the time of admission made a significant difference. Those patients who had decompressive operations also fared better. No patient survived without operation. Shock, defined as a swtolic blood pressure lower than 90 mmHg for more than 60 min was associated with significantly increased mortality. The chance of developing a significant hypotensive episode was greater if two or more other parts of the body were injured. If three other areas were injured, the mortality was 100%. A case control study suggested that some 35 (16%) of all deaths could have resulted from preventable causes, notably delay in instituting definitive treatment and/or inadequate treatment of shock.
Journal TitleAustralian & New Zealand Journal of Surgery
Journal Volume (Issue)56(7)
Page Range549-556
Page Count8
Notesavailable from CASR library on request

Simpson DA, Stening WA, Berry G, Dan NG, Kwok B, Mandryk JA, Ring IT, Sewell MF (1986). Experience with acute subdural haematomas in New South Wales. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Surgery, 56(7), 549-556.