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TitleBenefits for Australia of the introduction of an ADR on pedestrian protection
AuthorsAnderson RWG, Ponte G, Searson DJ
AbstractThis report estimates the benefits to Australia of the adoption of an ADR on pedestrian protection. It compares the sales-weighted performance of the Australian and European new car fleets in relevant pedestrian impact tests, based on test reports from EuroNCAP and ANCAP. These testing programs use very similar tests to those prescribed by the European Directive on pedestrian safety and a proposed Global Technical Regulation. This comparison showed that the pedestrian protection of the new car fleet in Australia is inferior to that of the new car fleet in Europe, and the difference is associated with the introduction of the first phase requirements of the Directive. The benefits to Australia of an ADR on pedestrian protection were calculated, based on benefit calculations that were estimated for a second phase of European regulation due in 2011. Proportional reductions of fatal, serious and slight casualties were applied to Australian casualty data and the associated crash costs. By examining the current performance of the new car fleet, these benefits were disaggregated into benefits that have already accrued since overseas and international regulation was mooted, and that which is yet to be realised through compliance of the new car fleet with a future regulation. An Australian Design Rule conforming to the proposed Global Technical Regulation with the addition of Brake Assist would reduce, in Australia, fatalities by 28, serious injuries by 947 and slight injuries by 1247 each year, with associated savings in crash costs of $385 million per year. Despite recent improvements in the performance of the fleet, around half of these benefits are yet to be realised.
Report NumberCASR048
PublisherCentre for Automotive Safety Research
Publisher CityAdelaide
SponsorMotor Accident Commission
Page Count37

Anderson RWG, Ponte G, Searson DJ (2008). Benefits for Australia of the introduction of an ADR on pedestrian protection (CASR048). Adelaide: Centre for Automotive Safety Research.

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