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Modelling & Impact Analysis

The understanding of impact biomechanics is a central part of CASR's research program. CASR has been using computer based multi-body modelling methods since the early 1980s.

CASR specialises in:

  • reconstruction of real world crashes or laboratory tests using multi-body methods
  • modelling of pedestrian collisions
  • reconstruction of occupant motions in actual crashes, including frontal and rollover impact, and also laboratory crash tests

We use the proprietary software package MADYMO (TASS-SAFE, Netherlands) for our modelling. MADYMO is widely deployed for the simulation of dummies in crash tests and also for the motion of simple and complex models of the human body under external and internal forces.

Multi-body modelling is a cost-effective method to rapidly simulate the motion of mechanical systems under impact loads and other forces.

Simulation of a single vehicle loss of control crash

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Simulation of a pedestrian impact using MADYMO software
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Modelling & Testing

CASR combines modelling expertise with our ability to conduct physical impact tests in our impact laboratory as part of the modelling process. This means that the models we produce are valid representations of the real world.

Our leading research in impact modelling ensures accurate impact severity predictions without resorting to time consuming and expensive full finite element techniques.

CASR's impact modelling techniques allow accurate impact pulse predictions from multi-body models.

The results of two impact tests on the same structure (grey lines) successfully modelled using multi-body modelling (black lines).

CASR has published extensively on the results of its modelling research. Clients and organisations that have benefited from our modelling include:

  • The International Harmonized Research Activities Pedestrian Safety Working Group
  • Honda Research and Development Ltd., Japan
  • Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, Japan
  • Institut National de Recherche sur les Transports et leur Sécurité (INRETS), France
  • Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government
  • Roads and Transport Authority of New South Wales

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Giulio Ponte