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Crash Investigation

CASR runs an in-depth crash investigation program that distinguishes the Centre from other road safety research groups in Australia. CASR crash investigation team members attend the scene of a road crash when an ambulance is called.

Approximately 100 casualty road crashes are investigated each year, in either metropolitan or rural areas.

At the scene we:

  • Photograph the scene and all crash-involved vehicles
  • Discuss the crash with police attending the scene
  • Mark the final position of the vehicles and any skid or gouge marks
  • Introduce ourselves and have brief discussions with crash participants and witnesses
  • Conduct an engineering survey of the crash site
  • Examine the vehicle(s)
  • Record video footage of the approach to the crash site from a driver's perspective

After the crash we:

  • Obtain a police report on the crash
  • Obtain injury information from hospitals
  • Obtain the results of any alcohol or drug tests
  • Conduct a detailed interview with consenting crash participants and witnesses
  • Review the site design and crash history of the site
  • Review the crash and licensing history of the drivers
  • Review the Coroner's file for fatal crashes
  • Produce computer-aided crash reconstructions
  • Perform a multi-disciplinary review of the crash

Goals of the program:

  • To identify the factors that contribute most to the occurrence of road crashes
  • To examine mechanisms of injury in road crashes
  • To identify specific locations in need of treatment
  • To determine system wide infrastructure issues requiring potential policy change
  • To build profiles of crash-involved drivers for use in case-control studies

A brochure on our In-depth crash investigation is available.

Research Outcomes

Our at-scene, in-depth approach yields a wide range of detailed information that can be gathered in no other way. We can obtain a much clearer understanding of road crashes than is possible from the very limited information in routine police reports.

Some of our research that has incorporated in-depth crash analysis:

Regular presentations are made to regional managers and senior engineers at the South Australian Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure on matters arising from the investigations. This forum is designed to raise the profile of road safety and provide an opportunity for the dissemination of information and discussion on road safety related issued with practitioners from all areas of the Department.

In-Depth Crash Investigation Course

CASR conducts in-depth crash investigation training for other road safety professionals. The training provides investigators with the practical and theoretical knowledge to conduct their own in-depth programs.

For more information visit our In-depth crash investigation course page.