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TitleThe safety attributes of registered passenger vehicles and vehicles involved in serious crashes in South Australia
AuthorsAnderson RWG
AbstractThis report characterises the South Australian passenger vehicle fleet according to attributes related to safety, vehicle classification and mass, and the type of original buyer. Vehicles were disaggregated by year of sale. Examination of a sample of registered vehicles allowed the uptake of technology, and the change in other attributes of the general registered fleet, to be examined. Crashed vehicles were also characterised. The linkage of vehicle attributes to individual vehicles allowed us to examine safety attributes by year of sale in the two groups of vehicles.

Observations are made in relation to the origin of vehicles, with the new vehicle purchaser in mind. Improvement in the average safety of the stock of vehicles partly relies on new vehicle purchasers choosing vehicles with safety in mind. Other observations are made about trends in vehicle size, and the availability of safety systems over time. In general, the availability of technology is similar among crashed vehicles and registered vehicles for a given year of vehicle, although there is evidence in the data of the protective effect of ESC. However, given that crashed vehicles are older on average than in the general registered fleet, availability of safety equipment in crashed vehicles is lower than average.

Finally, some attention is paid the potential of effecting improvements in vehicle safety through fleet purchasing policies.

Report NumberCASR081
PublisherCentre for Automotive Safety Research
Publisher CityAdelaide
SponsorDepartment of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
ISBN978 1 921645 18 1
Page Count48

Anderson RWG (2012) The safety attributes of registered passenger vehicles and vehicles involved in serious crashes in South Australia (CASR081), Centre for Automotive Safety Research, Adelaide.

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