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Current Students

Blair Turner

Blair Turner has commenced his PhD at CASR on the topic of Reducing road casualties on rural roads through reduced speeds. Blair has extensive research experience from New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Australia and is known to many in his current role at ARRB.

Adrian Weissenfeld

Topic: Examining the causes of motorcycle crashes in Australia.

Adrian Weissenfeld commenced his PhD in 2010 after receiving a scholarship from Motorcycle Australia. His research will consist initially of analysing in-depth crash investigation data, with the aim of developing a course of study which examines rider behaviour, attention and awareness.

Kieran Gockowiak

Topic: Integrated Assessment of Primary and Secondary Vehicle Safety for Occupant Protection.

The focus of Kieran's research is the effect of autonomous emergency braking (AEB) on vehicle crash outcomes for occupants.

AEB is currently in the early stages of adoption by vehicle manufacturers, and is designed to decrease collision speeds for vehicles fitted with the technology. This expected decrease in impact speed is a factor which should be taken into consideration when assessing the safety of a vehicle fitted with AEB.

This research attempts to quantify the consequences of the reduced impact speed resulting from AEB fitment by developing a model for the effects of a crash on vehicle occupants which can provide results for varying impact speeds, and using this model to estimate the effects on the occupants when the impact speed is reduced by AEB intervention. The model will be used to reconstruct real-world crashes at their original impact speed and at the reduced impact speed expected when AEB intervenes. The occupant outcomes of these crashes will then be examined to determine the effectiveness of AEB on occupant safety.

Kieran commenced his PhD in 2013 as part of a joint project (cotutelle) between the University of Adelaide and Aix-Marseille University (France).